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Garage Door Company

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Garage Door Openers

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Excellent answers to a great variety of questions related to garage doors. We keep them short, yet smart in an attempt to help you understand in depth some of the garage door subjects which make your life difficult. Find your answers here and change your life today. Our answers will help you.

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The best answers to the most common garage door repair questions. Simply put for better understanding.

What is the most silent opener?

Indeed, the belt drive garage door opener is silent. It is more expensive than the screw and the chain drive openers but if you want silent operation of the garage door, this is the best option. The specialists at Garage Door Repair Seagoville say that the prices are not dramatically different and the strengths of the belt drive resemble that of the chain; the difference is that it works with a rubber belt.

How do I deal with mold on wood garage doors?

The regular garage door maintenance would allow you to detect any possible signs of mold early. The specialists at Garage Door Repair Seagoville insist that natural materials require specific coatings for extra resistance to elements. You need to scrub off mold and make sure to properly paint the surface of the door for extra protection. If mold has expanded too much, you may need to proceed with garage door panel replacement.

How do I choose components?

If you are installing a brand new system now, make sure to get high quality branded garage door parts. Garage Door Repair Seagoville insists that the right choice of components will depend mostly on the door's weight. Component parts come out in different dimensions and you must also take into consideration the height of the door. It's best to get some component parts in galvanized steel because they will last longer since they don't rust.

Can a neighbor open my garage door accidently?

Yes, this can happen if your neighbor uses the same code and if your door is in the range of their remote. In order to avoid this issue, our specialists recommend that you change the code frequently or install a new garage door opener with rolling code technology.

Do I have to replace rollers along with tracks?

No, unless garage door rollers are worn out or you require tracks of a different size. In that case, it would mean that the door has been replaced with a heavier one and garage door rollers must be replaced as well.

How do I remove rust from my garage door?

Most rust accumulations are fairly thin and not particularly stubborn. They can be removed with the use of an effective and safe solvent. If the rust is thicker and more stubborn, you will need to use steel wool for scraping it off. Then you can apply solvent to make the metal perfectly shiny again.

Do low maintenance garage doors require maintenance?

Low maintenance garage doors are those made by highly resistant materials (like vinyl or composite wood), which cannot be ruined easily. Though, garage door maintenance does not include only the treatment of the door. It mainly includes the inspection and repairs of garage door parts. So, low maintenance doors won't need too much of your attention but the rest of the system will.

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